Selective oxidation of 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furfural to furan-2,5-dicarboxylic acid over spinel mixed metal oxide catalyst

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Furan-2,5-dicarboxylic acid (FDCA) is a potential platform chemical in polymer industry for manufacturing polyester, polyamides and polyurethanes. Here, we introduced Li2CoMn3O8 as an efficient catalyst for the selective oxidation of 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furfural (HMF) to FDCA with 80% isolated yield in a gram scale reaction. The nanocrystalline spinel Li2CoMn3O8 catalyst was synthesized by gel pyrolysis method using urea and citric acid as complexing agent. The catalyst was characterized using PXRD, BET, ICP-MS and TEM. The catalyst is cheap and easy to prepare. The use of naturally abundant oxygen as oxidant results to high isolated product yield making this procedure scalable.

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JournalCatalysis Communications
StatePublished - Jan 5 2015


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