Revolutionizing engineering diversity

Tiago R. Forin, Beena Sukumaran, Stephanie Farrell, Kauser Jahan, Theresa FS Bruckerhoff, Stephanie Lezotte

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The Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Department at Rowan University is currently participating in the National Science Foundation's Revolutionizing Engineering and computer science Departments (RED). RED is a program that seeks to improve the undergraduate engineering curriculum to graduate engineering and computer science students that are more inclusive and suited for the 21st century workforce. The CEE Department's contribution to the RED program is called Revolutionizing Engineering Diversity (RevED). The RevED team is embarking on its second year, building on the momentum established in the prior year. Under guidance from RevED, the CEE Department faculty have taken part in workshops that have established a shared set of values and language around diversity and inclusion. The CEE Department is currently engaged in implementing inclusive curriculum in several courses offered freshman through senior year. This poster intends to showcase the developments made in several CEE courses that have developed student projects or assignments that enable students to have a more global and diverse experience, which in turn creates a more inclusive environment. The RevED team will show how these inclusive assignments were created to attain alignment with departmental goals and how they were used to assess student learning. The poster will also showcase how the CEE student body has changed between both years since the initiation of the RevED team's efforts. Our engagement with partners within the university have helped us identify more targeted ways to recruit and support students. over the first two years, RevED surveyed students regarding the climate of diversity within the CEE Department. The poster will show changes from student responses from the baseline survey to now. The intent of the comparison is to show how the RevED team's visibility has impacted the way in which the CEE Department approaches diversity. The poster will also illustrate how the RevED team has made changes since the first year and what future plans are being made.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings
StatePublished - Jun 23 2018
Event125th ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition - Salt Lake City, United States
Duration: Jun 23 2018Dec 27 2018

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