Rb, whi it's not just for metazoans anymore

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The E2F family of heterodimeric transcription factors controls the expression of genes required in G1 for cell cycle progression. The retinoblastoma (Rb) family of pocket proteins which, upon binding to E2F, inhibit this complex from initiating transcription. Upon mitogen stimulation, this repression is relieved by hyperphosphorylation of Rb by the cyclin D Cdk4/6 complex. Initiation of the cell cycle in yeast is similar. The heterodimeric transcription factor SBF controls most G1-specific transcription. Its activation is dependent upon the removal of Whi5; a functional homolog of Rb. Similar to Rb, disassociation of Whi5 from SBF is controlled by G1 cyclin/Cdk-dependent phosphorylation. Although Rb and Whi5 play similar roles in regulating G1 gene expression, they exhibit no sequence homology. This review will discuss the difference and similarities between how these proteins play similar roles in controlling G1 progression.

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