Multi-Tasking 3-Legged Robot for Pole

Mohammad Nasab (Inventor)

Research output: Innnovationinnovation



The use of robotics in industrial settings have been shown to increase production and decrease safety hazards for the worker and work place. Pole climbing robots are used for various industrial applications including welding, reliability testing, cleaning and entering extreme environments. Current robotic pipe climbing technology is lacking due to inefficient attachment mechanisms, limited load capabilities and small workspaces.


Technology & Competitive Advantage

This invention describes a novel 3-legged robotic platform that provides enhanced pipe climbing capabilities that alleviate many of the disadvantages of current pipe traversing robots used in industrial applications. The device exhibits a 3-legged half-circle design providing the robot with increased workspace while expanding functionality and load carrying capabilities. Each robotic leg is comprised of three motorized joints that improves positioning, pipe attachment and the ability to traverse along bends and cross sections. This device can be utilized in various industrial services including welding operations, pipe testing in petrochemical plants, pipe & pole cleaning, light bulb replacement, and highways & bridge cleaning.


Market Opportunity

Industrial robots are experiencing a rapid increase in use with the market expected grow over 175 percent within the next decade. The competition within this market is currently very limited, lending a gracious opening to new technology, such as this. Rowan University is looking for a partner for further development and commercialization of this technology through a license.

Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Oct 2018

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