Membrane-associated tubulin in the rat anterior pituitary and GH3 cells

R. Ravindra, R. G. Nagele, S. A. Patel, T. A. Freeman

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Plasma membranes from anterior pituitary lobes of rats and GH3 cells were exposed to monoclonal anti-β tubulin antibodies or normal mouse IgG, and treated with FITC-labeled anti-mouse IgG. Specimens were visualized with a microscope equipped with epifluorescence optics. Tubulin-specific fluorescence was very prominent in membranes incubated with tubulin antibody and was negligible in membranes incubated with normal mouse IgG or FITC-labeled anti-mouse IgG alone. Two dimensional electrophoresis revealed that 27% of the rat pituitary tubulin is β-tubulin and 73 % is β-tubulin; 17% of the GH3 cell tubulin is β-tubulin and 83% is α-tubulin. These results suggest that tubulin is a component of plasma membranes of the rat pituitary and GH3 cells.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1653-1656
Number of pages4
Issue number13
StatePublished - Aug 1994

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  • General Neuroscience


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