Creating a master entrepreneurial mindset concept map

Cheryl A. Bodnar, Siddharthsinh Jadeja, Elise Barrella

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    The knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with an entrepreneurial mindset (EM) continue to be debated within the entrepreneurship field. Although overlapping in their properties, there exist several definitions of what comprises an EM within engineering. For instance, as summarized in a recent review by Zappe [1], EM can range from a problem-solving approach applied within one's life, to the associated skills and behaviors such as opportunity recognition, creativity, and risk mitigation that may be developed within individuals. Due to this range of definitions, it can be difficult to assess whether the EM is being developed within engineering students. One method for assessment that could address this lack of an exact definition is concept maps. Concept maps are used to assess the knowledge and understanding of a specific topic area. The graphical representation of the concept map, through nodes and links, captures a broader perspective and comprehensive knowledge of the centralized idea by the participant. In this work, we explore the development of a master concept map as a tool that can be used when assessing students' understanding of the EM. The master concept map was developed through the review of 26 concept maps on the subject Entrepreneurial Mindset prepared by faculty members at institutions across the United States with expertise in the engineering entrepreneurship field. We followed a systematic investigation process to go through each concept map identifying concepts across all of the maps, and counting the frequency of each concept's occurrence. Preparation of this concept list from the experts' concept map was considered as a holistic list of all the concepts pertaining to the EM, although not necessarily comprehensive. Afterward, we developed overarching themes that described the concepts present and then mapped them according to proposed linkages provided within the experts' maps thus generating a master concept map for Entrepreneurial Mindset. Upon completion of the master concept map, we reviewed it against the different frameworks available in the literature to determine hierarchies in need of expansion, connection or further refinement. This master concept map on EM represents a first step in the development of an assessment approach that can assist with direct assessment of students' EM development.

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    JournalASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings
    StatePublished - Jun 22 2020
    Event2020 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference, ASEE 2020 - Virtual, Online
    Duration: Jun 22 2020Jun 26 2020

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