Bop1 is a mouse WD40 repeat nucleolar protein involved in 28S and 5.8S rRNA processing and 60S ribosome biogenesis

Žaklina Strezoska, Dimitri G. Pestov, Lester F. Lau

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We have identified and characterized a novel mouse protein, Bop1, which contains WD40 repeats and is highly conserved through evolution. bop1 is ubiquitously expressed in all mouse tissues examined and is upregulated during mid-G1 in serum-stimulated fibroblasts. Immunofluorescence analysis shows that Bop1 is localized predominantly to the nucleolus. In sucrose density gradients, Bop1 from nuclear extracts cosedimerits with the 50S-80S ribonucleoprotein particles that contain the 32S rRNA precursor. RNase A treatment disrupts these particles and releases Bop1 into a low-molecular- weight fraction. A mutant form of Bop1, Bop1Δ, which lacks 231 amino acids in the N- terminus, is colocalized with wild-type Bop1 in the nucleolus and in ribonucleoprotein complexes. Expression of Bop1Δ leads to cell growth arrest in the G1 phase and results in a specific inhibition of the synthesis of the 28S and 5.8S rRNAs without affecting 18S rRNA formation. Pulse-chase analyses show that Bop1Δ expression results in a partial inhibition in the conversion of the 36S to the 32S pre-rRNA and a complete inhibition of the processing of the 32S pre-rRNA to form the mature 28S and 5.8S rRNAs. Concomitant with these defects in rRNA processing, expression of Bop1Δ in mouse cells leads to a deficit in the cytosolic 60S ribosomal subunits. These studies thus identify Bop1 as a novel, nonribosomal mammalian protein that plays a key role in the formation of the mature 28S and 5.8S rRNAs and in the biogenesis of the 60S ribosomal subunit.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)5516-5528
Number of pages13
JournalMolecular and Cellular Biology
Issue number15
StatePublished - Aug 2000
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