Analiz oligomernykh form genno-inzhenernykh chelovecheskikh leǐkotsitarnykh interferonov.

Translated title of the contribution: Analysis of oligomeric forms of recombinant human leukocyte interferons

S. I. Borukhov, S. V. Kostrov, L. S. Izotova, M. N. Orlova, A. I. Strongin

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Using SDS-PAAG electrophoresis, gel-permeation HPLC and immunoblotting, it was demonstrated that homogeneous preparations of human leukocyte interferons (alpha-INF)-A, -N and -I1 obtained from the biomass of the corresponding producer strains (Pseudomonas sp.) contained several oligomeric forms produced by way of S-S intermolecular cross-linkage and making up to 10-15%, 4-7% and 2-5% of the total monomeric form content in the protein preparations. Immunologic testing with the use of MAB NK-2 and [125I]NK-2 showed that the oligomeric forms of alpha-INF-A, -N and -I1 were present in the protein preparations at all purification stages and seemed to be formed at early steps of interferon synthesis in the cell. The effects of limited proteolysis as well as of acid, alkaline and thermodenaturation on the aggregation and oligomerization of alpha-INF-A were studied. SDS-PAAG electrophoresis performed in the absence of the reducing agents showed that upon denaturation of 10% TCA, the amount of the oligomeric forms in the preparations of homogeneous and especially partly proteolytic INF was significantly increased. The causes and the putative mechanisms of aggregation and oligomerization of INF are discussed.

Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)332-340
Number of pages9
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 1 1988


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Borukhov, S. I., Kostrov, S. V., Izotova, L. S., Orlova, M. N., & Strongin, A. I. (1988). Analiz oligomernykh form genno-inzhenernykh chelovecheskikh leǐkotsitarnykh interferonov. Biokhimiya, 53(2), 332-340.