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Rowan’s HVS was obtained through a collaborative agreement with US Army Corps of Engineer – Cold Regions Research Engineering Laboratory (CRREL). The HVS is capable of subjecting full-scale pavement sections to the equivalent of 20 years of loading in as few as one to two months. As a results, Rowan’s HVS provides a shorter path for bridging the gap between laboratory and field performance of roadway and airport pavements. The HVS also allows for producing readily implementable research products without the need to initiate resource extensive pilot studies.Rowan’s HVS has the ability to simulate both truck and aircraft loading with a maximum capacity reaching 180 kN. The giant piece of equipment is also capable of simulating wander patterns. Such ability is of great importance to testing airport pavements. It can apply loading in two modes; uni-directional (up to 10,000 passes a day) or bi-directional (up to 20,000 passes a day). The HVS is also equipped with a heating and cooling to control air temperature within the vicinity of a test section.


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